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Vremote provides experienced & well trained local assistants specialised in marketing, sales support, data analysis, and administration. With offices in both Vietnam and Australia, we have the local knowledge and expertise to support you in your recruitment journey. With our expertise, you get reliable, cost-effective support tailored to your requirements.

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1000+ Candidates

With the networks, the experiences and the candidate data that we've gained within 3 years in hiring workers, we're able to help to detect the best candidates within a "Click"!

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International Hiring

Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, France, Thailand, New Zealand, USA are the countries that we've worked with, and the list will continue. Helping new employee adapting with new culture is not a problem with us.

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A Broad Range of Expertise

From Customers Support Specialist, Data Analyst, Marketing Specialist, to Ecommerce Support Staff, we've been through that road. With our top-tier hiring & training method, your job will be done nicely.

What we are helping businesses with

Vremote's job board – a dynamic space where businesses showcase their latest hiring needs. Post your job opportunities here to tap into a pool of skilled candidates for FREE!

As a candidate, discover exciting career prospects and apply to positions that match your expertise. Let Vremote be the bridge connecting talent with opportunity. Explore, connect, and elevate your career journey with us.


Our Recruitment Methodology

We focus on matching companies with local qualified talents that share the same values for a sustainable and fruitful collaboration.

Audit & Consultation

We don't only hire the right people for your team but also consult you on how to unblock the bottlenecks in your talent acquisition and retention process.

Define Candidate Personae

Not all talents out there will be your ideal staff. We prioritize candidates who align seamlessly with your company's values and ethos.

Recruitment Strategy

Our expertise helps you define a recruitment strategy which is effective, bringing over-expected results while optimizing your in-house team's efforts.

Talent Hunt and Follow-up

Hiring the right person is challenging, retaining that person in the team is even harder. Vremote is together with your business on this journey.


See what job seekers say about Vremote experience


"Finding remote jobs is quite challenging because as job seekers, we are quite concerned about the employer's authenticity. Vremote helps me connect with my current employer. The job fits well with my skills and the payment is quite decent compared to other same-level opportunities in Vietnam."

Tuan Nguyen - Lead generation specialist

“I have to move back to my hometown to take care of my parents. Vremote helps me to find a job that is flexible in time, while bringing me stable income even when I am not able to work in the city anymore. Thank you, Vremote.”

Nga Tran - Customer Success Staff
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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do we provide?

We take pride in offering services that help businesses discover the right local talents in Vietnam and Australia. If you're expanding into the Australian or Vietnamese markets and require employees or a dedicated team to run your operations, we can support you in various ways.
We provide business with talent acquisition services , well-trained remote staff that match your needs, and Employer of Record (EoR) packages. We deliver tailored and adaptable solutions that align with your business strategy. For more information about our services, you can explore the details on our dedicated service pages.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are businesses seeking to hire local talent in Vietnam or Australia to either grow their operations in the country or outsource tasks to Vietnam for cost efficiency. They represent various industries, with a significant portion being professional service firms like lawyers or accountants, tech-enabled businesses including e-commerce stores, information technology companies, and startup ventures.

What advantages does hiring through a HR agency offer compared to hiring on your own?

Choosing a HR agency offers distinct advantages over independent recruitment. Our agency specializes in connecting Australian businesses with Vietnamese talent and vice versa, streamlining processes for efficiency. Additionally, we provide guidance on optimal employment types, such as part-time, full-time, or contract hires, tailored to your specific needs.
Leveraging our extensive market knowledge, we navigate regulatory requirements seamlessly. Having offices in both countries enables us to offer hands-on assistance, addressing cultural nuances and facilitating the timely recruitment of the right person for your team.