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Vremote is your bridge to the finest local talents in Vietnam and Australia. Headquarters in Australia, with an established office in Vietnam, we've handpicked our team to ensure expertise in marketing, sales support, data analysis, and administration. Whether you're tapping into our ready-to-deploy team or want to hire your own local staff, we’re here for your business.

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Our Mission

We only have one simple mission:
Connecting Global Businesses with Local Talents

Our Founders story

Vremote is the brainchild of two female founders, who crossed paths 3 years ago, and who are passionate at helping businesses solve their talent shortage problems.

Driven by a shared passion for the development of Vietnam and its local talent pool, these founders embarked on a collective journey. This shared vision gave birth to Vremote, a company dedicated to connecting businesses with proficient local talents for marketing, sales support, data analysis, and administration needs.

What distinguishes us is our ability to customize local staff to precisely match the unique requirements of businesses while offering comprehensive support in recruitment and management. As pioneers in delivering top-notch local talent in both Vietnam and Australia to the global market, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing unparalleled remote support for businesses worldwide.

Ellen Nguyen
Operation Director

Our team

Meet the team behind Vremote
Hoang Le
Talent Acquisition Executive
Loan Vu
Chi Pham
Chi Pham
Son Chu


How can we help your business?

Vremote provides experienced & well trained local staffs specialised in marketing, sales support, data analysis, and administration. If unique needs arise, we can also assist you in Recruiting and Managing dedicated staff tailored for you.


We employ outsourced staff on behalf of the client, issue contracts of employment, and provide supporting payroll-related services.

This service is most appropriate for International companies with no legal presence in Vietnam and Australia


Are you looking for a Viet remote staff but don’t know where to start or have limited time on hiring ? Let us take care of this.

We’ll bring you a pool of candidates that suitable for your company and also assisting you with interviewing candidates.


Whether you're looking for an experienced administrator, a sale assistant or a client support staff.

We recruit, on-board, manage and provide you with well-trained Remote Staff that fits the demands of your business, schedule and style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our clients?

Our clients are businesses seeking to hire local talent in Vietnam or Australia to either grow their operations in the country or outsource tasks to Vietnam for cost efficiency. They represent various industries, with a significant portion being professional service firms like lawyers or accountants, tech-enabled businesses including e-commerce stores, information technology companies, and startup ventures.

What is our differentiation?

Our HR & Staffing Agency specializes in connecting Australian businesses with Vietnamese talent and vice versa, leveraging dual offices for seamless cross-border solutions.
With in-depth market knowledge, we streamline recruitment for efficiency. Our presence in both countries allows hands-on assistance, addressing regulatory requirements. Beyond recruitment, we offer comprehensive HR solutions for a holistic approach. Choose us for a personalized and effective cross-border employment experience.

Where are our offices located?

We have established offices in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and Ha Noi, Vietnam. Maintaining offices and legal entities in both countries enables us to provide seamless and timely support to businesses in a professional manner in both locations.

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Vremote.work is a platform connecting worldwide businesses with local talents. Combining our international expertise and local insights, we bring you the most reliable and professional hiring experience.

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