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Result-oriented, people-focused and durable collaboration is what we aim for both candidates and businesses.

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How Vremote Can Help

From talent acquisition, employee onboarding to team management and EoR packages, we provide customized and flexible solutions catering to your business strategy.

Australian talent recruitment

If you are looking for Australian talents in Australia or based overseas, Vremote connects you with your next ideal team member.

Australian team management

Focus your time and efforts on the development of your business, we help you set up and manage local teams without hassles.

Employer of Record (EoR)

Want to hire people in Australia but you have no legal entity in the country? We can take care of all Australia compliance aspects of employment, including payroll, taxes, statutory benefits, employment contracts and more.

How Vremote works

Follow our professional framework for better vision of the whole collaboration process

We analyze your talent need

Whether your talent need is temporary or permanent, purely executive or strategic, we will help you draft your ideal candidate portrait in alignment with your business plan then present it to you.

We consult and customize our service just for you

Not every business has the same challenges in hiring. At Vremote, we carter our service offers to fit just right with your budget and goals.

We help you onboard the new Australian Talent

Through years of recruiting and training, we've implemented a streamlined onboarding process to help our customer onboard new talents efficiently, making sure you have the right staff in your team.

Our Recruitment Methodology

We focus on matching the suitable skilled talents with companies that share the same values for a sustainable and fruitful collaboration.

Audit & Consultation

We don't only hire the right people for your team but also consult you on how to unblock the bottle necks in your talent acquisition and retention process.

Define Candidate Personae

Not all talents out there will be your ideal staff. We prioritize candidates with good attitude, who align seamlessly with your company's values.

Recruitment Strategy

You don't need to come up with a recruitment plan, we have experiences in this field and it's on us to consult you.

Talent Hunt and Follow-up

Hiring the right person is challenging, retaining that person in the team is even harder. Vremote is together with your business on this journey.


We Provide High Quality & Effective Services

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Per Consulting Hour

HR Consultation

In case your talent need is not urgent and you have in-house efforts for recruitment.
Unlimited job posts
Basic access to Candidate database
Basic presence of Employer brand
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x Monthly Salary
per Talent

Talent Acquisition

You urgently need talents to onboard or have no hiring expertise in-house.
Unlimited job posts
Sourcing candidates
Interview scheduling
Candidate assessment
Job offer negotiation
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does our agency find talents for your company?

Our agency employs a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy to ensure we identify the most suitable candidates for your company. We leverage various channels, including prominent online job platforms, industry-specific networking events, and targeted recruitment campaigns.
By utilizing a diverse range of sources, we aim to cast a wide net and reach a broad spectrum of potential talents. This approach allows us to not only tap into active job seekers but also engage with passive candidates who may be a perfect fit for your organization. Our commitment is to present you with a pool of highly qualified individuals, ensuring that your company has access to the best talent available in the market.

What industries do we recruit/staff for?

Our clients are businesses seeking to hire local talent in Vietnam or Australia to either grow their operations in the country or outsource tasks to Vietnam for cost efficiency. They represent various industries, with a significant portion being professional service firms like lawyers or accountants, tech-enabled businesses including e-commerce stores, information technology companies, and startup ventures.

What if you’re not happy with the new talents?

If you're not pleased with the new hires during the probation period, we're here to sort things out. We understand the importance of a good match, and if the initial choice doesn't meet your expectations, we'll work closely with you to reevaluate and find someone better suited. Our commitment is to assist you in seamlessly hiring another candidate who aligns well with your company's needs. We aim to make sure you're completely satisfied with the hiring process.