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Why Hire our Remote Staff?’s staff are tailored-trained to work remotely for medium and small-sized companies that operate in cross-border business environments such as Import & Export, Outsourcing, Investment Management, Consulting, Digital Services, Tech-enabled companies that are aiming to expand their business to Vietnam or Australia markets. 

Cross-Border Expertise

Staff trained for cross-border business, adept in Import & Export, Outsourcing, Investment Management, and Consulting.

Flexible Contract Options

Vremote offers adaptable staffing solutions, enabling businesses to hire remote staff on part-time or full-time contracts, optimizing flexibility and resource management.

Digital Proficiency equips staff with digital skills crucial for Tech-enabled companies and Digital Services. We also provide staff with healthy working environment to maximize their capabilities

Accountability Assurance

Vremote takes full responsibility for remote staff performance, ensuring reliability and efficiency in operations.

How We Deliver

At, we keep things simple and effective. We bring in skilled remote staff and make sure they fit seamlessly into your team. Our clear process ensures everyone's on the same page, and our commitment to accountability means you can trust us to deliver quality results consistently. Your success, made simple with Vremote

Discovery Call

Unlock potential! Schedule a Discovery Call. Let's us listen to your needs, requirements and expectations, and introduce with you some potential remote talents for the job.

Interview your potential remote staff

We don't hand you a random profile, the interview is here to ensure the perfect fit for your team's operation process and culture. We will be with you in this journey to ensure that you'll have the right member in the team. We understand it's tiring to hire then let them go when it's not the right person. A questionnaire is in place to help you understand the candidates.


After you have got the right staff in mind, We design and execute a tailored training strategy to enhance your operations by empowering remote staff with a deep understanding of your business, customers, operational systems, and their roles. This will also be the time for you to train the remote staff.

Remote Staff get their hands on the jobs

Once onboarding is completed, which normally takes around one to two weeks, your remote staff is now ready to get the job done for you. We'll collaborate with you closely to ensure that the remote staff understand their job and get it done properly.

Performance Evaluation & Enhancement

After the remote staff joins your team, Vremote will conduct fortnightly performance review sessions to enhance staff efficiencies. Serving as your Remote Team Operations Manager, we will recommend internal process enhancements wherever possible. Additionally, we consistently provide training to our staff, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest industry trends and acquire the necessary skills.

Here’s what your Virtual Assistants can help you with

A VA provides a multitude of online services to businesses and entrepreneurs from a remote location. Here are some of the most popular Virtual Assistant roles that we’ve helped hundreds of businesses fill:


Create eBooks and downloadable whitepaper
Create and send emails, catalogs and newsletters to subscribers
Write sales copy
SEO keyword research for titles, tags, descriptions
SEO blog articles

Project Management

Track and manage projects
Create and update project dashboards
Assign tasks
Monitor progress and set deadlines
Training new staff members

Social Media Management

Design social media content
Manage social media scheduler
Write social media captions
Social media engagement (liking, commenting, following)
Hashtag research


Basic bookkeeping (e.g MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks)
Account management (cashflow and receipts tracking)
Document storage and organisation
Answer customer service emails and chat support
Set reminders and follow-ups

Graphic Design

Advanced design of social media assets using Photoshop
Landing page design
Product packaging design
Print and media design
Design and set-up email newsletter template

Customer Service

Pre-sales questions
Create and update customer support scripts
Create and send emails, catalogs and newsletters to subscribers
Manage inbox and response rate
Moderate comments and reviews

Digital Marketing

Set-up and manage social media ads and remarketing
Set-up and manage A/B tests for ads and landing pages
Optimise social media videos with end screens, clickable links
Set-up and manage ClickFunnel pages
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does offshoring or outsourcing work through Vremote?

Offshoring or outsourcing entails assigning specific tasks or business processes to external entities or overseas locations for cost savings, specialized expertise, and operational efficiency.
At Vremote, our skilled team covers various areas such as marketing, customer service, sales support, and data analysis to handle your business tasks. Once we supply the suitable staff, you train them on your internal processes and industry knowledge. We're dedicated to helping you manage your team's performance and enhance productivity.

Why offshore or outsource to Vietnam?

Outsourcing to Vietnam is a compelling choice, driven by its skilled and motivated workforce. With over 57 million individuals in the labor force, the country boasts a youthful and dynamic talent pool. In addition, Vietnam's rank as the 29th most attractive outsourcing destination in the Global Services Location Index 2021 reflects its growing prominence.
The country's commitment to education ensures a highly educated workforce, making it an appealing option for industries requiring specific expertise. This, coupled with the cost-effectiveness, positions Vietnam as a prime destination for businesses looking to optimize their operations through outsourcing.

What tasks or services can be outsourced to Vietnam?

Tasks or services commonly outsourced to Vietnam include IT and software development, customer support, data entry, digital marketing, content creation, and business process outsourcing (BPO) functions such as finance and accounting services.

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